Fell free to contact us for any further question. However, here you find a list of "frequent asked questions" collected in over 10 years as Harley-Davidson® Authorized Rental Dealer.
What is the distance between the Dealer and the Florence Airport (FLR)?-Our branch is located approximately 3 kilometers from the airport ; the best way to reach us is to catch a taxi with a traveling distance of 5 minutes depending on the condition of the local traffic.
What is the distance from the historical downtown area of Florence ?–The distance from the downtown area and the train station to our branch is approximately 8 km. you can either catch a taxi or use public transportation; if using public transportation, catch buses ATAF #29 and #30 from Leopoda Station which will drop you off directly in front of the Dealership.
Is there a place to park the car?- Yes, we provide a private parking located in front of the Dealership; other parking lots are located in the surrounding areas adjacent the Dealership.
Do you provide a luggage storage while I will be riding?-Yes, we provide our customers with a free secured luggage storage during the rental.
Where can we find lodging near the Dealership?-Being the dealership located near the airport, various lodging options are available. Due to proximity, the NOVOTEL (4 stars) and the HOTEL IBIS (3 stars) are located 1 kilometer from us. However, diverse lodging accommodations can be found in the historical downtown area distancing 15 minutes away from our branch.·
How can I pay for the rental?-Forms of payments accepted include cash, checks, wire deposits, debit cards, and credit cards. The following credit cards are accepted: VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS, DINERS.
Is a down payment(security deposit) mandatory while picking up the bike?-Yes, while signing the rental forms, it is mandatory to leave a down payment. Such down payment is preferred through credit cards to preauthorize the rental. No charges will be applied on the card (however this transaction is immediate and the dealer is not responsible for further banking transactions delays associated with operational procedures). The card, to be effectively used, must encompass equal or greater amount of the rental deposit down charges. The ratio of the down payment is calculated accordingly to the insurance coverage chosen on the rental contract.
Can the credit card belong to another person different from the nominative given in the rental contract?-No, the credit card shall have the same name as of the person whom is picking up the motorcycle or of whom is signing the rental contract. Otherwise stated, the person shall be present at the time of delivery.
Can other people ride the rented motorcycle?–It is highly suggested to advise in advance our office if other people will be riding the rented motorcycle in order to add their personal information into the rental contract. This procedure will reduce the legal responsibilities of who is signing the contract. According to the Italian law, anyone who owns a valuable driver’s license is authorized to ride while the insurance coverage is valid for anyone conducting the vehicle. The only person reliable for eventual fines or damages will be whose name is on the contract.
Can I rent a motorcycle with a driver’s permit as to use the motorcycle to practice for an eventual driving test?- It is mandatory to be 21 years of age and have a valid driver’s license for large size engine motorcycles. In the case of Italian driver’s licenses, the unlimited Category A license is required. Category B licenses issued before 31/12/1985 are valid for both Italy and the European Community. Category B licenses issued between 01/01/1986 and 25/04/1988 are valid only for riding within the Italian territory, while licenses issued after 26/04/1988 require the additional unlimited Category A licenses.
Which foreign driver’s licenses are accepted for rentals?-All driver’s licenses issued within the European Community are accepted. Passports should be presented with the driver’s license if the driver’s license is from another country outside the European Community boundaries. For any other type of licenses issued in other languages than English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and German is required to present an International driver’s license.
What do you mean for daily rental?- A full day of rental consists of 24 hours beginning from the moment of the motorcycle’s consignment to the costumer; once the 24 hours have passed, a new day of rental is charged without time restrains. Customers can, however, purchase the “Time Extension Plan” to avoid extra rental costs. As a reminder, our offices close at 1900; passed closing hours, it is mandatory to return the motorcycle the following morning along with supplemental rental costs.
Is fuel included in the cost of rental?- No, the cost of rental does not include fuel. The motorcycle is consigned to the customer with a full gas tank and upon returning it to the Dealer the gas tank should be filled by the customer. If this should not occur, together with the cost of the missing fuel, an additional charge will be applied.·
What should I do if the motorcycle breaks down or I am involved in an accident?- Included in the rental contract, 24 hour road assistance is provided. In the case of a breakdown, contact our office and the road assistance call center to book a toll truck to transport the motorcycle to the nearest Harley Davidson Dealer.
Is a substitutive motorcycle available in case of a breakdown?- The substitutive motorcycle is available depending on the location where the breakdown took place or on the type of damage that has been done. If the breakdown occurs in a distance too far from our dealership, we are not able to substitute the motorcycle. Every Harley Davidson Dealership is independent and not directly related to our rental program (not being able to provide a substitutive vehicle). The motorcycle can be substituted only if the breakdown occurs at a shorter distance from our branch.
Can I ride the rented motorcycle outside of the Italian borders?- Yes, you can ride the rented motorcycle in every country belonging to the European Community and in every country that accepts the “Green Card” agreement regarding insurance coverage. For more information regarding the countries included/excluded from this agreement please check the following website www.cobx.org.
What happens in case of a road infraction during the rental?- The personal data of those riding the rented motorcycles will be handed to the local jurisdiction; the fine will be directly sent to the person who has signed the rental contract within the time frame of the rental. The explanatory statement of the fine will be sent from the local jurisdiction to the customer who has been fined and is in the best interest of the customer to provide payment of the fine as being accorded by the law.